The poster for the 2015 World Cup (football/soccer)  in Canada was unveiled today. It’s such a lovely piece of graphic design, I had to share it on my blog.


2015 women's world cup poster announcement

Panel making the announcements

2015 womens world cup poster

Last week, I purchased a Lonely Planet Guide to Vietnam and a phrase book with CD. My husband likes to learn a few facts about wherever we are going and I’m keen to understand the basics of Vietnamese.

The fact finding is going well. The language is more problematic.

I apologise in advance to Vietnam and its people for what we are going to do to your language. Neither if us have spoken anything but English and quite often our skills in that area are arguable. Learning Vietnamese in only four weeks, even if only a smattering, is not going to be easy.

I don’t blame the CD. It is well thought out and easy to follow. The problem is that what I hear is not what comes out of my mouth when I repeat the phrases. I’m hoping practice (I’ve loaded it into my iPod) will help, bit I’m sure I’m going to be obliterating the nuances and tones needed to be understood.

I will have to restrict my conversations somewhat. Possibly to “hello” or “hi” (same word), “goodbye”, “how much?” ) I do plan to go shopping after all), and “glass of wine please”. That just about covers the essentials, don’t you think?



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I’m a little excited. In a few short weeks, my hubby and I will be jetting of to Vietnam. This trip signifies the reaching of a new stage in our lives. That of parents of grown-up (well, almost) children. Hubby and I were too busy saving for a home back when we first married to think about travelling much as a couple. We have done overseas trips, but usually separately or with children in tow. This trip will be just the two of us.

The trip takes care of a few firsts for us:

  • Travelling overseas as a couple
  • Travelling to a non-English speaking country
  • Booking an all needs catered for package holiday
  • Being away from all of our children for an extended period (the longest we’ve been away is 5-days in Darwin a few years ago)

We’ve been over our itinerary several times and have, at least mentally, already packed our bags with appropriate clothing for humid, sweaty days, shoes for walking, and hats for shade (not to mention suncream, insect repellent and handwipes). Next on our list of things to do is organise vaccinations. Not quite looking forward to that, but it has to be done.

My packing list also includes; notebook/pens, camera, spare memory cards, and something to read on the long bustrips between tourist destinations.

Below are a few images I’ve pinched from the Wendy Wu Tours website. I can’t wait to show you my own photos of the trip!

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Which do you like to use best?

I love to write so naturally, blogging is up the top of my list. However, and perhaps in a contradictory way, when it comes to social media I use Twitter the most. It’s quick, easy, and I can communicate much faster with people than I can on any other social media or blog platform.

I have Facebook and Pinterest accounts, which I regularly use and also an Instagram account floating around somewhere, but for some reason these don’t work as well for me. Content seems to be an issue with Facebook as I can’t quite manage much in the way of engagement. I’m not sure if that’s because the majority of the likers are from a program I signed up for a while ago which offered  “likes for likes”. That is, I like other author facebook pages and they like me in return…

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I’ve not long returned home from a mini-road trip with my husband. After a week in Melbourne cheering on NSW at the Australian Netball Championships and getting wet, we decided to take the slow road home and follow the coast.

We knew we’d made the right decision when, on the morning we left Melbourne, the clouds parted and the sun came out to play.

It’s quite a nice drive from the Yarra Valley where we were staying to Lakes Entrance, though after awhile the picturesque scenery of farms, fields, assorted farm-type animals, and the odd abandoned building or two gets a little tired – or maybe that was just us. We whizzed by at 100kph.

As we moved closer, farms changed to state forests and eventually we started crossing rivers, which included the Avon River and, naturally, Stratford (on the Avon River). We needed neither refreshment or a dose of Shakespeare (or a toilet stop) so we pressed on only stopping at Bairnsdale on the Mitchell River for a quick stretch of legs, etc.

It’s been years since we were last at Lakes Entrance and we were looking forward to it. We came up the hill knowing that just over the top would be our first view of the ocean and waterways that are such a popular and traditional family tourist destination. And were stopped by roadworks (little did we know that earlier there had been a landslide just below the road into town), but it was the best roadwork stop I’ve ever had to endure as we were at the from the queue and had a wonderful view of the ocean.

The best view while waiting for roadworks ever!

The best view while waiting for roadworks ever!

We could only stay one night at Lakes Entrance and were overwhelmed with the choice of accommodation on offer. It took nearly an hour and a cold drink at the local Returned Service League Club to decide on staying at the RSL Club’s motel. As it was quiet and mid-week, we decided to go retro (and cheap) and stay right where we were. Our room was next to the swimming pool so I imagine that in full holiday season it would be noisy.


There is a cafe a few doors down from the club that advertises the “best hot chocolate alive” so I insisted we take up that challenge and we dropped in for some sweet afternoon tea. The hot chocolate is indeed very good, though I’m not sure I would call it the best ever. We also shared a Devonshire Tea – the scones were lovely and some truffles (I picked honeycomb, probably too sweet for me). We followed that up with a drive around town and then back to our room for a rest.

Later, we walked across the way for pre-dinner drinks at the club and then across the road to the water’s edge to eat at a floating seafood restaurant (great service and food!)

Great seafood at Ferryman's Seafood Cafe

Great seafood at Ferryman’s Seafood Cafe



After a reasonably good night’s sleep, we headed off the next morning for Eden and Merimbula. We were not overly attracted by Eden so we didn’t stay very long and continued on to Merimbula (which we loved!).

Again, there is so much in the way of accommodation that we had a hard time picking a place. We ended up at The Pelican Motel, which had a nice view over the bay and friendly parakeets on our balcony. We would definitely love to spend more time in Merimbula. There’s a pretty little walk along the river with a boardwalk built along the shore. In low tide you can hop down to walk along the sand and through the mangroves and in high tide, sit on the edge and dangle your feet in the beautifully clear water. My husband went for a longer walk from our motel the next morning; across the river and around to the surf beach and was very impressed. I preferred to catch up on my sleep.

We drove from there almost straight home with just one stop for coffee (naturally) at Narooma. Lovely spot there too.

It was a relaxing three days, which we were badly in need of. Next year the netball championships are in Sydney so I guess we won’t get to go anywhere in particular, but perhaps back to work after the games are over. A little bit depressing really. I’ll definitely have to work on that plan.



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