A life lived in excerpts

The excerpts for my blog posts are rather tenously linked to what my articles are actually about. The excerpts section is like taking a glimpse into creativity. Mine, I suppose, though that sounds a bit presumptious. My blog articles/posts are about one thing, a topic I’ve been thinking about and the excerpts are about something else that’s popped into my head as a result of writing the longer story.

That probably doesn’t make much sense… welcome to my world.

Have you every read something and then find yourself off on a train of thought that diverges away from what you were reading? Have you started writing a story, chapter, paragraph, sentance with one topic in mind only to end up somewhere else entirely? I have lots of story starters that have done exactly that. I once started writing about the observations of an elderly woman on the people in her street, and ended up writing about about a youngish family coping with growing children and changing lifestyles. It all got a bit too real for me and I stopped writing. The poor old woman now languishes somewhere on my hard-drive, her observations to remain unshared indefinitely.

Can our lives be described as living in excerpts? If we are too busy dealing with the myriad of issues that arise in our lives, then yes, they certainly can and often are. Life becomes a blur and only the short, memorable bits are truly experienced.

I run around all week chasing after children, the dog, occasionally my husband, squeezing in work around trips to doctors, training, shopping expeditions, housework, and then on a Saturday morning, life suddenly slows down and I find myself sitting in the sun watching netball and finally breathing, recognising the moment, forgetting the hundred other things I have to do that weekend. For that short period, I focus in on my daughter playing sport, the other families watching, the coffee in my hand and the sun on my face. It’s an excerpt of my week and I’ve just experienced it. The next week it will be an entirely different excerpt, but as I skip from one to the other, I wonder what happens to all the moments in between that I don’t pay enough attention to.

Back to article excerpts, these are meant to be a teaser of what the rest of the story is about, a link to theme and ideas. Mine are just a tease. You thought I was writing about something serious when I mentioned the “wholly other” and “knowing god” in my last excerpt? Most of my blog posts only hint at seriousness. I’d much rather write about nonsense and let you discover your life’s wisdom for yourself.


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