A life so tagged….

I’m not really sure about the effectiveness of “tags”. Every blog post I create, I dutifully tick a few tagwords and create a few more. Occasionally, they actually relate to what I’ve written about.

I presume that having them allows, somehow, my posts to become more searchable or findable… one or the other, anyway. However, if someone having a problem with menopausal symptoms, types into her search engine box “fluctuating hormones” and gets a link to my post on travel-writing, have I really added to the cause or just her headache?

What level of tagging responsibility should I be practicing?

If the purpose of tagwords is to make my posts more findable, how come very few people view my posts? I’m sure there’s lots of people out there who search for “creativity” or “writer’s block”, yet not very many of them pay me a visit or read my pearls of wisdom on the subject. I’ve had lots of writer’s block so I know what I’m talking about.

I know, I should also be optimising, leveraging and marketing, and spreading the word by commenting. I’ve done all that in a previous blogging life and while it did up the ratings, I didn’t find it satisfying enough to continue with the all the effort (fluctuating hormones can really kill the mood, don’t you know). I even spent a few months writing articles on marketing – one of the top blogging topics apparently as there’s certainly a lot of marketing drivel out there in blogging world (not your marketing posts, of course… or mine, I might add).

Tagging in Facebook is another matter. I see how tagging photos allows lots of other people to view images of you that you’d rather hadn’t been posted in the first place. It also leads people (like grandparents) to photos of you doing dumb things (like guzzling beer at a mate’s birthday bash). Not me, of course, I gave up guzzling beer years before FaceBook hit the scenes. I find FB tagging very useful when I want to check in on what my teenagers have been up to on the weekends or on holidays. They do put the silliest photos of themselves up, and if they don’t, their friends do!

I’m off now to tag this post and make up a few things that disguise the bullshit of this entire post in order to lure one or two gullible readers to my blog and improve my viewing stats.



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  1. This is such an apt article -being new to the “bloggersphere” I have just been learning all about “copy writing” to improve traffic, magnetic titles etc. Had a good laugh when I read this – essentially all I really want to do is write!

    • Trish Anders 20/08/2011 — 6:01 am

      Thanks so much for tracing me back to my blog, reading and return commenting. It’s much appreciated as you have effectively doubled by post views for the entire month! I am now inspired to get back to work on my travel article, which has been sitting in draft-land since I came back from holidays. Honestly, someone ought to ban having to work for a living. It cuts so much into my writing time!

      Good luck with your research – what on earth is a magnetic title? Trish

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