A happy birthday breakfast in Cronulla

It’s my birthday in a couple of days and, because we can’t get time off work and do enjoy a good breakfast, my family took me off  for breakfast at The Nun’s Pool opposite Shelly Beach, South Cronulla this morning (this morning being Sunday). We showed up at 10am and… it was packed full of similarly inclined people. A good sign though disappointing. Not to worry though, they put us on the waiting list and suggested 15 minutes was all that was needed.

With a park and a beach just across the road, waiting wasn’t a problem (though we were all hungry – 10am is a late breakfast after all). Shelly Beach is one of several in Cronulla, is south of the main Cronulla Beach and helps to form the landfall side of Bate Bay. There’s a busy footpath, The Esplanade, that stretches from Cronulla Beach around to Bass & Flinder’s point at the opening of Port Hacking. It’s full of walkers, joggers, pram-pushers and bicycle riders any day of the week and in any weather.

My hubby and I had stopped at The Nun’s Pool for take-away coffee two weeks ago and drank it while watching wild surf roll in and over the rock pool. Today it was much calmer and the sun was starting to peek out. There were even people swimming in the pool. Two! And one small family on the beach. We ventured a toe into the water and found that, while not icey, it was too cool for a swim in our opinion. Just as well, really, we hadn’t brought our swimmers with us.

So the water was lovely, clear and cool with two swimmers. A few straggly waves broke the wall and further out was enough surf to maintain the odd surfer or two. Boats with fishing rods prickling across their sterns lined the bay. I could see my hubby’s fingers itch (he hasn’t taken his boat out for a fish in months). Obviously, the fish must be running with everything from tinny runabouts to fully-decked out “recreational” fishing boats from Boat Harbour (Kurnell) to Jibbon Point (Bundeena). Nothing for it but to go for a stroll in the park.

We duly filled in 15 minutes and headed back to the restaurant, deciding on the way that we’d head back into Cronulla central for breakfast if we couldn’t get in. Happily, we were sat down in a corner while a recently vacated table was cleared and then ushered to a position on the covered deck. A good spot as it was still crowded and fairly noisy further in. We ordered coffee, tea and freshly squeezed orange juice to get us started and Eggs Benedict and The Nun’s Breakfast to keep us going. The Nun’s Breakfast consisted of sweet corn fritters, sauteed spinach, avocado, smoked salmon, grilled tomato topped with sour cream.  Devine! So good, in fact, that I ate a little too fast. Hubby had the eggs. He managed to control himself a little better than me but assured me they were the best eggs he’d eaten. My daughter had the Nun’s Brekky too and was just as happy.

Great food. Pretty good coffee. Opposite the beach. Also, nice beachy atmosphere that’s modern and trendy without being too modern and trendy.  And I just love being in Cronulla. It’s one of the best beach suburbs in Sydney if not the whole of the state. Lots of beaches, rock pools, walks, parks and, of course, cafes. I actually also spent Saturday afternoon in Cronulla as well; visiting all the gift shops and boutiques in the Plaza with a friend.

After breakfast, we did a little more shopping in the Plaza then wandered home for a well-deserved after-birthday breakfast nap.

Overall, a pretty darn good weekend! And it’s not even my birthday yet



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  1. He he, I got a mention!

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