Brisbane Best Bits

I’ve just come back from Brisbane, capital city of Queensland and about 1:15 north of Sydney as the crow flies (if its fluttering around in a Qantas jet). It’s been a great week. No doubt this was supported by the fact that I wasn’t at work and could sleep in if I wanted, hang around our rented apartment if I wanted, and even more importantly messy real life interruptions were greatly reduced!

But even without the usual reasons for taking a holiday, Brisbane is a great and easy destination to head for.

Here is my list of Best Bits.

Motorways and major roads – great and most in good condition, lots of big signs to tell you which direction to head, and highways all over the place. We, and our Tom Tom, loved driving around.

Public transport. We caught a train from Yeerongpilly and for the next 2 hours could go anywhere we liked within certain zones. Our allowed zones happened to include ferry travel from Southbank to the city. Once we reached the other side of the river, we caught the free bus that travels around the city centre – much cheaper than a tour bus and it goes past most of the notable spots like Government House and the main shopping strip.

The Brisbane River. We had a  riverside apartment with nothing (apparently) between us and Mt Coot-tha but the river, a golf course and lots of bush. The river is a winding strip of fast moving brown water that changes character with the passage of sun, clouds, moon and time. In the early morning, it brought rowers down on training runs like schools of noisy fish. At night time, we watched party boats move up and down. When it rained it became misty and mysterious. When the sun shone, it glittered.

The trees – flat topped with tropical flowers dripping off them in puddles of red and orange. I don’t know what they’re called, but I wish I could grow them at home. I’d plant a comfy bench seat underneath and spend hours contemplating life and daydreaming.

Our apartment was wonderful – modern, spacious, all mod-cons kitchen, and free wifi! What else could a person ask for?

If you know what any of these plants/trees are called, please let me know. These particular ones were pictured at the University of Qld – St Lucia.



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  1. sounds good

  2. sounds good
    I enjoy your commentary. you made your visit sound very relaxed & interesting. Wish we really were with you in Brisbane. Not having much botanical knowledge, I think the red tree is a South African Flame tree. We’ve planted an Illawarra Flame tree at the back but it seems to be shooting straight up instead of spreading like the beautiful Brisbane species & it hasn’t bloomed yet, though it’s quite a few years old. I like the whirl formation of our tree’s leaves.
    Sue ditto xxx & ooo

  3. Trish Anders 05/01/2012 — 9:54 am

    Thanks. I was wondering if it might be some kind of Flametree but never got around to looking it up. I should get off my duff and do it. Trish

  4. I haven’t been to Brisbane for years….now you have made me want to visit again!

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