I love it when a plan comes together…

I’m inspired to write. Not write articles or blog posts (though they come with their own level of fun and satisfaction), but stories. I know when I’m going in to creative mode because I hear stories in the music I listen to. When my Ipod “recently played” list starts shuffling through a certain type of music, I can feel a story is coming.

I’ve ready a few pieces about the music that writer’s listen to and that side of the “where do ideas come from” conversationis certainly quite interesting, but that’s not what I’m want to talk about. I want to chat with you about the journey, the creative places, the wonderfully delicious feel of slipping into the flow, and being able to release words, characters, and the stories the live in. I love it!

Recently, I’ve brought out one of my manuscripts to give it a dust off and an update. I wrote the darn thing in its original form over ten years ago. It took me another couple of years to shape it into a reasonable manuscript, a few more for polishing and editing, and then a few years of submitting, waiting, rejection, submitting, waiting, rejecting…. If you’re a writer you’ll know what I mean. I thought I’d give it one more try (I’ve given it one more try a few times. I don’t give up easily). I added a few things, changed a few things, completely changed the point of view of one character (from male to female no less), and contemplated whether or not to write whole new sections.

You see, the story has its main characters, which have been established in my head for quite some time. They’re followed by the secondary characters, and then the minor characters. Now, I have the feeling that the minor characters really would like a bigger role. They certainly deserve it. Without them the story would have folded in the first few chapters. My dilemma is whether or not these minor yet important characters would be able to handle their own chapters? I could turn the manuscript into a trilogy and the minor characters could (possibly) have their own book.

Or, I could leave the manuscript as is and write a follow-up. That would work too. Actually, as I write this post, that option sounds the best so far.

A third option could be, submit it as is to a publisher and (in the wishful hope that it’s accepted) wait to see what they think.

Thinking my way around dilemmas (fictional or structural) is part of the fun. To quote the guy from the A-Team, “I love it when a plan comes together!”

The creative flow is connected to the music: I can hear the melody and the instruments, and I can “see” a character taking shape. It’s all about feeling and very little about putting anything into words at this point. Sometimes, I have the same experience when reading. Someone will say something – whether a character or the author, fiction or non-fiction – and I immediately “hear” the thought echoed through my own character. Some of my books have quite a few notations in the margins.

I think the flow comes out of the connections and the delicious feeling is the experience of the creativity itself. I love it! I feel happier, more alive, energised!

The journey of writing can be so much fun and getting stuck into a story, solving a few problems, and ending up with a finished manuscript is what I call, a plan coming together.

Now, I have to stop this post and go work on my story. My characters want to come out to play.







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  1. Listen to your minor characters – they obviously have a lot more to say. Good luck with it 🙂

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