I couldn’t find the sport news I wanted, so I started my own paper!

An online paper, that is. Then, because I wanted world news and local news, I started another one.

Now, I’m the happy editor of Women In Sport (Australian women’s sport) and Under the Net (women’s sport news from around the world).

The two papers are developed through PaperLi using online content sources that I search for and attach to my accounts. Each can have 25 sources so every few weeks, I change them around depending on who is providing loads of news and who is not.

I currently use the free versions, but am considering upgrading one of them. I’m keeping an eye on the stats to see which is most popular and, therefore, worthy of my hard earned cash. The benefits of an upgrade are that 1. more customisation ability and 2. I can monetise.

Why women’s sports news?

Simply put, there is not enough of it! If we only followed local/international news services, we might be fooled into thinking that men’s sport was the only option and women’s sport was a sideline. Nothing peeves me more than the thought that I’m being sidelined because I’m a woman.

I want to see as many sport highlights for women on the local news as there are for men. I want national sport teams given air time because they’re important, not because they’re the men’s teams.

I want to not have to stipulate, “women’s sport”!

It would also be extremely nice to not have women’s bodies wantonly objectified in sport advertising, but that’s a much larger topic far greater than sports equality.

Why Twitter?

I’m fairly active on Twitter; retweeting sports news from around the world whether it be for national teams or club level competitions. Twitter is easy, always changing, and I can do it from my phone while I’m watching the telly or waiting in a queue. I’m in Australia so early mornings and evenings are good for northern hemisphere updates and late afternoon into the evening is good for the Aussies.

My main focus is netball, but only because that’s the sport I’m around the most via my daughter who plays lots of netball and trains constantly.

Let’s connect!

You can follow me on Twitter (@TrishAnders) and subscribe to my papers (or just follow the link on my Twitter feed when they pop up). If you’d like me to retweet your news and updates on women’s sport, just let me know and I’ll keep an eye out for you. I’m interested in everything from grass roots games to professional competitions to articles promoting women’s involvement in sport (playing, coaching, umpiring, organisational news, media reports).

My goal is to get more people following women’s sports and more women’s sports reporting on mainstream news and sports shows. Why don’t you come along for the ride?




http://www.usanetball.org Netball in America! Who would have thought? But they have no corporate sponsorship and are relying on donations to compete internationally….

http://www.netballscotland.com/hundredhelps  This is a great idea for fundraising.


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