This Girl Can

If you haven’t seen the “This Girl Can” video yet, I suggest you click on the link and take a look right now. Dont’t worry, I’ll wait.

What did you think of it?

Being just like the women portrayed, I felt a real connection with the message this program is sharing. I jiggle. I wiggle. And I don’t particularly like to have the jiggly wiggly bits of me on display. I know we all are in the same boat or will be one day, but getting past that mental block to allow yourself to jiggle and wiggle and get fit at the same time is not always easy. This video helps to build inner strength by showing us that it’s okay to don fitness gear and get sweaty out in public.

I found an interesting article on Sportette that also addresses this issue of Plus Size women pursuing their athletic interests. Not every athlete is slim, yet that is how they are always portrayed. Often, the “athletes” being portrayed in fitness gear are not athletes at all, but models. While there is nothing wrong with models doing the work, they need to at least have some muscle definition and look sporty. Too often, the models chosen conform to the skinny is best mantra, which feeds into the complex issues of poor self-image for those of us who do not fit this restrictive view. As the article mentions, healthy role-models are needed for young athletes (young anybody really) of all shapes and sizes.

I’d love to hear what you think about the video, and hear about any other projects promoting women in sport that you may be involved in.

Don’t be shy.

Our voices need to be heard and our stories shared.

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