Glasgow or bust! On our way at last

We left Sydney at the end of a 3-day period of solid rain, winds, and widespread flooding. Not the best time to drive to the airport – traffic around the international terminal is horrendous on a normal day. After a massive storm front? Well, you can imagine the chaos. So we booked a shuttle and left extra early. Only problem with this plan is that there was no traffic. Everyone must have stayed home out of the weather. We made it to the airport in record time!

The check-in desk wasn’t opened yet so we did what we always do and found a cafe to wile away some time reassuring ourselves that even though we were several hours early for our flight, more time could be wasted on the check-in queue.
Have you ever had a day where you plan for things to go wrong and they inconveniently go right instead?
Of course, we’d checked in online and only had our baggage to drop off. There was no one else at the online counter so we went in first: even managed to have our seating adjusted so that one of us wasn’t sitting away from the others for eight hours. Things were going swimmingly well. Only four more hours to wait, and then the flight was delayed. 
View from our room at the Holiday Inn Express Airport. Trees shade a school, CBD behind.
We were eventually on our way and, as our flight would arrive in Dubai quite early in the day and early check in to our hotel was not guaranteed, any delay would work out well down the line. As it turned out, we weren’t particularly late, flew through passport control and customs, found our hotel shuttle bus easily, arrived at the hotel in short order, and, thankfully at the end, were able to check into our rooms with only a short wait.
View from our room of Dubai Airport. The tube-like structure is the airport terminal.
We walked into our room, dumped our luggage, collapsed on the bed, and relaxed in the knowledge that the first part of our journey had been blessed by the gods of international travel for the relatively inexperienced. And we were in Dubai!
How to survive an aeroplane journey – big screen TV and lots of movies….


The stopover in Dubai was scheduled in so we could get some sleep, stretch out our legs, and eat something other than airline food. We needed all three desperately. As such though, we didn’t get to see much of Dubai. A quick bus ride to the nearest shopping mall for lunch and a look-see and then a taxi-ride back as jet lag hit was pretty much it. We spent the rest of the day watching TV and napping before an early dinner at six. We were back in our rooms and ready for bed by eight. The next day we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before returning to the airport to continue our journey.
We arrived in Glasgow fairly close to when we were meant to and were lovingly greeted by cold rain, an even colder breeze, and our eldest daughter and her partner (who promptly whisked us to our holiday apartment and ordered in pizza).
Time to stop travelling and start being camera toting tourists.
View from our rooms: West End Glasgow

 View from our rooms: The River Clyde


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