About Trish

Welcome to the World of Trish. It’s occasionally quirky, sometimes odd and often mixed in with a dash of liberal suburbanism, harried mumisms, and even the odd cultural reference or two. Trish lives on the east coast of Australia, south a bit of Sydney. It’s a lovely part of the world and quite close to beach and bush. She’s the mum of three girls, wife of one husband, and minder of one reasonably neurotic dog.

This blog is in existence because Trish likes to write on whatever topic comes to mind. Read along and join her as she journeys from suburb to suburb, coast to bush, and from Sydney to far flung places in (and out) of Australia. In the past few years she has ventured to New Zealand, Vietnam, and Scotland. She hopes to share her adventures on this blog before old age and faltering memory take over. 

Trish has written several novels, one of which have been published (The Ouroboros Key). A second novel is on its way (honest, it’s with the publisher as we speak). If you’re looking for some urban fantasy to read click on the link below. Her first novel is set in the wilds of Colorado  and her second in Cronulla and the Royal National Park, Australia (conveniently much closer to home than Colorado). Her current work in progress is set in Sydney with an Ancient Gaul story in line after that. She hopes to acquire a time machine soon, but in the meantime, would be happy to travel to modern Gaul (commonly referred to as France) should the occasion arise. Visit Patricia Leslie – The Ouroboros Key for full authority details and regular updates.

Several short stories have also been written over the years including, A piece of me, which has won a first prize (and a hundred buckaroonies!) in competition – it’s about the death of Captain James Cook and events immediately following.

Other corners of the cyber-world that Trish can be found are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as ancestry.com.au (yes, she is a keen amateur genealogist).

Trish is still required to work for a living. So at 8.30 each Monday through to Friday, she trundles off to the office where she works in Events & Marketing for her local government sector. Fun and challenging, but she’d rather be writing novels.

In all her spare time, Trish is busy doing her bit to promote women in sport – playing, coaching, reporting, and sporting boards and other organisations through social media, mainly on Twitter. Follow along if you like: @trishanders 

If you’re still reading, you may have noticed a tendency to rabbit-on (or ramble), she apologises profusely and for any potential agents/publishers who may be around, wishes to advise that she edits the rambling bits out of her novels, short stories, and occasionally her articles as well.


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